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Thursday, March 31, 2005

All Hail!

All hail the brothers in metal...okay that's enough of any Manowar-like statements! Here's to all who turned up to see The Scorpions and Judas Priest at the Odyssey on 24th March, 2005. Gr8 to see Mark & Syliva; Michael; Eddie and cheers to Raymond and Sid who were there, but we didn't get to see (despite confusing and sometimes surreal phone calls to Sid's mobile)

[See pic of an ugly fucker (me) with his daughter about to launch into yelling and bouncing about to The Scorps. Ta to Mark and Sylvia for the pic!]

Personal thoughts were that it was a superb set from Scorps (Hail Rudi, the man with the widest gub in metal!) but the sheer over-the-top show from Judas Priest just edged the day!

Halford may be an old queen, but what a voice! At times KK and Glen seemed to struggle with some of the solos, but it gave a human touch to the proceedings amidst such a forbidding stage set.

All in all an 8 out of ten for the night. And a 1 out of ten for the bouncers and no score for all those so called metal and rock fans who couldn't be arsed coming out to see gr8 rock and metal!



sylvia said...

This is how i spell my name SYLVIA.I thought you'd know that by now.As for the Judas Priest gig(what an awful performance)i would give them 1 out of 10.

Jonny said...

Aye Sylvia but then you always had a taste for the softer side of things - like Mr Jovi and his sidekick Sambora!

sylvia said...

Well done J you spelt my name correctly this time :) as for Mr Jovi and his sidekick Sambora(not impressed) they are what you call good musicians unlike priest who are just noise!!!!