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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

NEWS: The Crawling announced as overall winners of Bloodstock 2016 Metal2TheMasses - snag big fest sot

FOR those with memories of last year's Metal2TheMasses The Crawling won the NI heats and snagged a slot at Bloodstock 2016.

They wowed the HobGoblin New Blood stage and as a result of their stunning set they have been declared overall winners of M2TM 2016.
The Crawling with Simon hall of
Bloodstock when they won M2TM
in May 2016

That's right, their miserably delightful, dark melancholy crushed all in their path, leaving English, Norwegian, Scottish and Welsh contenders in their wake.

Their prize includes a prestigious slot at the Slovenian Metaldays Festival.

With their album already achieving the sort of critical acclaim many long-established acts would love, and live performances that are destructive and jaw loosening, it's well deserved. Beware Slovenia, The Crawling are coming.

And, don't forget the 2017 Metal2TheMasses battle in NI continues with the second semi-final coming up on Friday, 5th May at the Voodoo and the final on May 12th. Get along on May 5th and have your say.

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