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Thursday, March 31, 2016

NEWS: LIve Motorhead album set for May release

IT was almost inevitable that some sort of Motorhead album would be released in the wake of Lemmy's death in December of last year.

UDR Records, in collaboration with 'Motorhead Music' will release the live album/DVD 'Clean Your Clock' on May27th.

Recorded on November 20th and 21st at the Zenith in Munich, Germany it was the last recording of a Motorhead show as the last ever tour by the band was coming to a close.

Yes, Lemmy was ill at the time but he still got up on stage and played. Yes, he was not the same man as he had been three or four years previously, but no-one doubted that he still got up on stage and played, it was in his blood as much as there was alcohol in his blood.

Is it valid for the label to release this? Some might see it as cashing in, but that is to ignore the fact that UDR is a business, and as such they lost one of their valued assets with Lemmy's passing.

And, while the individuals on the label mourned the loss of a friend they still had these live recordings. Who knows, there may have been a contractual issue for its release. However, it would have been cynical of the label to hold on to these recordings and do something tacky such as releasing them on the anniversary of the man's death.

We here at Belfastmetalheadsreunited are glad they are releasing the album. No matter what the quality of Motorhead's final shows it is fitting that the last album from Motorhead is a live album.

No doubt at some stage in the future there will be some sort of lost recordings/rarities compilation album, but for now we can't wait to hear 'Clean Your Clock'.

Bomber / Stay Clean / Metropolis / When The Sky Comes Looking For You/ Over The Top/ (Guitar Solo) The Chase Is Better Than The Catch/ Lost Woman Blues/ Rock It/ Dr. Rock/ Just ‘Cos You Got The Power/ No Class/ Ace Of Spades/ Whorehouse Blues/ Overkill

· Coloured Double Vinyl in Gatefold with Pop-up Art
· Standalone Audio CD
· DVD of the show with audio CD
· BluRay of the show with audio CD
· BOXSET which contains the Coloured Double Vinyl in Gatefold with Pop-Up Art, DVD of the show with audio CD and the Motörhead Metal Medal
· A limited edition BOXSET will be available through the UDR shop and will contain the Motörhead Medal in Silver or Gold
· Also available as a Digital download.

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