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Saturday, November 07, 2015

LIVE REVIEW: Satch takes Glasgow by storm - Satriani rips through new and old classics

WHEN Joe Satriani played Glasgow in November there was only one man for the job - uber-fan and one of our resident photographer and reluctant reviewer Darren McVeigh...This is what he had to say.

Let's face it, it's a tough job for anyone to open for the Satch and it was South African born blues guitar player Dan Patlansky who landed the job.

Despite the task Dan showed no nerves and he and his band took to the stage. They ripped through their set with such aplomb to earn admiration from the crowd.
The axeman said he had been touring with Joe for the last month and it had been humbling experience and one of the biggest honours of his life.

The main focus  tonight for Patlansky was to promote his debut international release 'Dead Silence Thieves' . One thing that stood out was the crowd's reaction to his single 'Backbite', played like Hendrix with pedals screaming and total fluency. This is a artist worth keeping an eye on.

However, let's face it - much as Parlansky was good it was Guitar maestro Satriani everybody had come to see...

Big screens lit up with alien animation themed production kicking off the set. Then with guitars screaming it was time to rip into Joe's latest release, 'Shockwave Supernova' and at this stage the audience, as expected showed their total appreciation for Satriani.

Straight away he slowly slides into 'Flying in a Blue Dream' then into the melodic 'ice 9'.

Addressing the crowd Satriani said it was good to back in this building as it brought back good memories. and tonight he built more great memories for everyone present. 

Then he tore into 'Crystal Planet' heading into the 'Extremist' album we go with the song 'Friends', dedicated to Dan and, of course, the audience.

With all the fury and frenetic pace it was time for a mellow note with a classic Satriani tune from 'Is There Love in Space' album, 'If I Could Fly', there was great applause from the crowd as it finished.

Joe was clearly having a lot of fun on stage and got us to rename the bassist 'Thunder Beast' and urging the crowd to chant the man's nom de guerre.

There was one song that stood out; 'God is Crying', Joe showed again how clinical this band is 
playing together as they jammed and played of one another note for note: amazing to watch.

We were treated to an outstanding rendition of 'Goodbye Supernova' then into the 'Satch' classic 'Satch Boogie', bringing it all back to me and all in attendance to where it all started for Joe.
As per gigging tradition we then get a good night from Joe and his band, a quick bow and the lights go out.

Everybody in the concert hall as expected were screaming 'Joe! Joe! Joe!' and with no great surprise but plenty of delight the lights go up and the 'Big Bad Moon' rose to a standing ovation then straight into 'Surfing with the Alien; complete with the screen playing out an alien frenzy.

This was an amazing night of Satch classics; but then again we expected no less!

Review and photographs - Darren McVeigh.

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