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Monday, March 18, 2013

Hurtful truths and damn good alternatives

TEETERING somewhere between rock, metal, alternative and punk can be a difficult place to reside. Few bands manage the balancing act - and those that do rarely capture the energy of live performances.

Northern Ireland act Stillpoint have recently come on to the radar of our Belfastmetalheadsreunited editorial team with their five track release 'Some Lessons Hurt Like the Truths They Contain'. Admittedly it is a style that many of readers here on Belfastmetalheadsreunited and our syndicated readers on rockradioni may not always take to easily, but we cannot deny the energy and delivery of this release.
From energetic opener 'Blind Drunk in Sastas' to the contemplative 'I Know What A Monster Looks Like' Stillpoint deliver a compelling listen.

That balancing act between hard riffing, alternative arrangements and punkish attitude (especially on Blind Drunk...) is achieved with aplomb, and metal tendencies creep in on bridges in 'A Plea for Action' and 'Start Fires'.

The one weakness is there is a tendency to pay too much homage to their influences. Vocalist Dave at times sounds too much like Simon Neil of Biffy, and their is a definite tendency to use Biffy and Funeral for a Friend styles.

But, in that mélange is an emergent voice of Stillpoint themselves and a Northern Irish identity. As they progress further they can perhaps draw more on that and attract that elusive fanbase that crosses the metal, rock and alternative listeners.

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