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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goblin monsters are back (win tickets!)

Sunday 27th January - Orange Goblin and Triggerman. For those that have been touched by the Globlin's fierce grooves and got down to Triggerman's rifftastic you'll already know this is a metal party. If you need a bit of convinciing, well your heart, soul and black little metallic heart should shake itself loose from the bonds of servitude to the scene and open up now to the very best of UK heavy metal.

And if you don't believe us at how good Orange Goblin are - here are the views of some national journalists:

  • “It has to be said that Orange Goblin shows are very predictable….you know they are going to be brilliant before they even hit the stage!” – Terry Bezer (Kerrang!)
  • “Consistently one of the greatest live bands the UK has produced in recent decades!” – Dom Lawson (Metal Hammer
  • Put simply, Orange Goblin are the best metal band in Britain!” – Malcolm Dome (Classic Rock)
If you haven't already got your ticker (WHY NOT!!!!) we've a wee incentive courtesy of the good folks at the Limelight we've a competition for a pair of tickets to see Orange Goblin. Read on, the details are at the end of this justified eulogy to the Globlin.

And, speaking of Eulogies - well we were even if you were not - Orange Goblin released their seventh album last year 'A Euology for the Damned', which dare we say it is one of the finest slabs of metal we encountered in the whole 12 months.

On record Orange Goblin are fantastic, live they are on another level: the huge presence of Ben Ward dominating the stage, with Joe Hoare's guitar a counterpoint and Martyn Millard (bass) and Chris Turner (drums) laying a foundation that at times threatens the earth's axis, so powerful is the groove.

17 years Orange Goblin have been on the scene - why the music industry does now collectively bow down in gratitude is currently being studied by Prof Stephen Hawking as one of the geat mysteries of the universe.

But enough of our collective fawning at the feet of Orange Goblin.

Do you want to go see Orange Goblin and Triggerman at Limelight2 on 27th January. Option one: go to Ticketmaster or Limelight.com and spend the measly sum of £16 (if you haven't already done this we say again, why not?). Option 2. Enter the competition to win a pair of tickets to see Orange Goblin.

Simply email the answer to this question here:
What was Orange Goblin's first album.

Competition closes at 5pm on 21st January.
Usual terms and conditions apply:
  1. If you're not in you can't win
  2. Winners will be selected randomly
  3. There is no cash alternative
  4. Tickets are in the form of a guest pass
  5. Seriously, if you're not in you defintely can't win
  6. By entering you agree that you are available to attend on 27th January to have your world rocked
  7. By entering you have a chance of winning
  8. There are no re-draws, penalty shoot-outs or duels, the winner is the winner, end of story
  9. If you don't win we'll let you know so you can dash off and buy tickets

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