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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Inflammable Material

"It won't change cos it's always been the same
People hating, people fighting, they say it's so,
Do you believe that? Perhaps you do but it's only up to you
." *

GONNA get a wee bit controversial here, but those shy and retiring, influential and awesome punks in Stiff Little Fingers have once again proved the just because you get older doesn't mean you slip on the slippers and slide off to ranting at the TV screen; yep SLF are taking a stand.

They are using their November 16th Ulster Hall gig to throw their weight behind the Integrated Education Fund, after bassist Ali McMordie learned that his old north Belfast primary school had achieved integrated status.

They will use the gig to highlight the Integrated Education Fund and make a financial contribution.

As Paul Caskey, IEF Campaign Director, said: "They are a band that always brought young people together in our community and it is wonderful that they are helping to continue that by supporting integrated schools. SLF helped inspire people to look beyond sectarianism and the establishment here – to encourage us to realise we hold more in common than what might divide us."

Whether you agree with integrated education or not, you got to take your hat off to a band that is more than self-obsessed image whores.

* Stands to Reason - SLF

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