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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Quick! Sepultura Ticket competition!

RIGHT you lot! Very quick Sepultura ticket competition. The kind folks at CDC/Shine have offered up a pair of tickets to see the awesome pairing of Brazil's finest and Derry/Londonerry's most rauscous, Triggerman when they rip a new roof on the Limelight this coming Sunday (August 12th)

On Sunday Sepultura are in the closing stages of the world tour to back 2011 release Kairos, while Triggerman offer their latest preacher metal offering, Hail to the River Gods [Review here] to further unwitting souls.

Sepultura have been described as many things, and there has certainly been much speculation about whether 'classic' Sepultura or the Derrick Green era is the 'better' version.

All any fan of metal should really care about is the fact that they rock like bastards and are more metal than yer ma!

Kairos is an album thhat cements the Green-era, defining the band's vision, and kicks you in the nuts painfully, even when you think you know it is coming.

This is also the first tour with 20-year-old Eloy Casagrande behind the drums - and from tour reports he kicks like a mule on steroids, providing the back beat to the barely kept in check chaos unfolding in front of his drum riser.

Okay - you want us to cut to the chase...how can you win a pair of tickets?

Simply tell us what is the title of Sepultura's latest album (clue: read the feckin' paragraphs above!). Email your answer here by midday on Saturday.

And if you haven't got an email by 5pm on Saturday, pack up yer mosh boots and head along to the Limelight on Sunday.

Doors open at 8pm and there are some tickets left on the door - and if you're not there we're sending Derrick and Bap to find ya!

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