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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big truck keeps on rolling.....

ABOUT two years back a phenomenon was released on to an unsuspecting rock scene, a phenomenon with a slightly diabolical twist, a groove that would have Satan himself boogeying around the seven circles of hell and the angels of the lord opening a cool one as they get down and dirty - truly Trucker Diablo have unleashed a musical, spontaneous, riff-ridden joyride.

Too much hyperbole? Yeah, all the loyal readers of this blog are healthily cynical and rightly should be. Bands that have been reviewed also know that we're a picky bunch here at Belfastmetalheadsreunited, but we also have been know to spot the odd good one or two acts.

Back in September 2010 (the 7th for picky types) we reviewed Trucker Diablo's début platter, The Devil's Rhythm, and while we loved it to its wee rockin' cotton socks, not even our metal crystal ball cold have prepared us for the force of Trucker live when they revved up the Big Truck.

We caught up with Tom Harte from Trucker to see what he and that band's take on the wild ride on the Big Truck has been so far...starting with what have been the highlights.

"Donington, Hammerfest, Twitterfest, and of course the Diamond! Basically playing our music on stage we never dreamt we would and continuing to achieve milestones to further the band and all the people we have met. We ain’t ready to get off yet….."

But with all the gears screaming and the rev counter nestling comfortably close to the red line isn't it about time that a new album was ready for release, as we've already heard some new tracks live?

"No Specific date as of yet, we plan to release early 2013. Yeah we feel like Metallica touring an album for two years! It's great!

"The Devil Rhythm has been received really well. It was a very spontaneous album and it retained a certain quality that people connect with.

"On the next album we are taking a bit more time on it but it will be a stronger album with a mix of heavy classic tunes with our own twist on it. We hope people will be into as much as we are….."

And the band have justifiablyt been looking to widen their horizons with US distributors and a label confident to take ads for The Devil Rythm in the rock press. As so many bands get sucked into deals, we wanted to know what the relationship has beeen with their US distributors and label?

"It’s been great so far, very supportive and very much on the ground helping us build the profile. We plan to go out to the States next year to do a tour to reinforce the work that has went on in the background. We hope we will breakthrough and see all the hard work come to fruition."

"It’s down to hard work, setting goals and achieving them. Writing good tunes helps as well lol…But that’s the formula, work hard and things will happen…Don’t sit on your arse.

"We have some great airplay and TV coverage and that was of our own making. Importantly in our own country the media should take notice and help, but they aren’t."

Criminal ain't it!

"When we were away on tour we would always watch the I AM FIGHTER boys, I think we felt we have a similar sense of humour,

"I made a leap of faith and asked Colin Geddis, he said he would make one for us. We gave them free reign and it turned out great…It’s an awesome vid!"

And, a sure sign that the world is taking notice is that you can get to play Trucker on a plastic guitar...yep,  Drink Beer, Destroy is available as a downloadable track for the console wannabe star game, Rock Band.

"We’ve never played it…we have an invite to, so we will!"

One bone of contention among many younger fans is a lack of access to gigs at venues that don't bar under 18s, and Tom isn't ruling out future all-age events.

"We have never been asked to do under age gigs but, we are definitely open to it….They’re should be more. Get those kids away from the front of city hall!"

Trucker are on a high at the minute as well they should be. Their open to new opportunities, they, like many local bands, gig relentlessly and that effort, damn fine tunes and a sense that they take the rock seriously, but don't take themselves too seriously is an almost perfect combination.

Beer in hand we say, Keep on Rolling!

Final note: Trucker Diablo have bern shortlisted to pitch for a spot on the main stage when the Foo Fighters play Vital in August 21st. They're against 15 other bands, but looking at the competition...no contest. If you can get down to The Limelight on May 17th, raise a beer and a cheer to make sure that Trucker get the just reward of taking to that main stage....Are we biased? No, we're biased towards quality, and Trucker have that by the bucket load!

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