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Monday, March 19, 2012

Beat the Bullet

WITH the UFO ticket winners drawn (congrats to NJ and SB, thanks to everyone who entered!) there still remains the small matter of Wednesday night.

Ormeau Avenue might just explode as there is so much rock in the Limelight and the Spring and Airbrake.

Old codgers UFO are not, and with new album Seven Deadly, they've proved that they can still teach the young 'uns a few classic metal licks and tricks. Backing up UFO are local NWOBHM heroes Sweet Savage. Honoured and acclaimed by Metallica for being the local torchbearers for that scene they remain relevant and still lay it down with a back catalogue many of their peers in the early 80s would envy. £20? a bargain - some still available on the door.

That not enough rock for you?

Well then, also on Wednesday the glam stylings and pouting of Mr Davy Vain will be tearing up the Limelight as Vain tour to back their seventh album, Enough Rope. Support comes from Support comes from Stala & So (featuring 3 exmembers of LORDI) and Ancara. Tix are still available at £17.

And with Vain hitting the stage around 9:30ish, there's a good chance to see one hell of a shedload of rock on Wednesday with both Vain and UFO a possibility for the nimble who can nip the 25 yards or so between the two venues...why not? Sure what else would you be doing?


Anonymous said...

glad you're bloggin again bro! <3

Jonny said...

Cheers - took a wee break to concentrate on my short stories, but I'M BAAACCKKK!