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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm back and I'm angry...

I'VE been away from blogging for a wee while - loads a sh*t to do and loads that needs doing. But right now I'm one pissed off wee metal bunny.

With the good grace of Odin, more luck than Loki and the thump of Thor's fist bringing joy with each rythmicd pound I know that when my time comes to cross the Rainbow Bridge to reach Valhalla and eternal feasting, ale and metal my offspring (children that is, not the Californian surf punks) will still have the faith in Liverpool FC, American Football, hard rock and heavy metal.

Both are blessed with the ear for volume, the love of the riff and the toe tapping, head nodding, mosh loving beauty that is rock and metal.

Yet, my youngest cannot see many of the acts on stages across Norn Iron.

At 15, well he looks 15 and no amount of facial hair or fake ID will grant him access to the over 18 venues. I do not blame the promoters and licensees. I blame the ridiculous licensing laws that assume that parents will allow their sprogs to wander incoherent and unknowing through a crowd to be trampled upon and puke up.

That may be a risk associated with night clubs and mind-numbing dance shit, but when it comes to hard rock and metal...just doesn't happen.

And you may alse recall how many young people were at Maiden, Metallica et al, it. This shows they want access to metal. So why can they not also see local acts too, and international acts at smaller, more intimate venues? Why could he not see Manowar, Alestorm, Turisas, amongst a host of others.

Generally most rock and metal; loving parents are delighted that their children take an interest in their music, so why of recent are so many venues slamming their doors on a potential ticket sale bonanza.

All hail those who in the past have welcomed under 18s through their doors, from all ages shows in The Limelight to the armbands for those who want a drink at Dragonforce in the Spring and Airbrake and Mandella Hall. Indeed the Mandella has had several gigs where the ability to have under 18s present has been a success. And a salute to the likes of the Diamond with its common sense policy.

So here's a challenge. Let's see if the venues can work out a sensible approach, that allows under 18s access to the finest live rock and metal and their parents to have a sup or two.

In the meantime, at least he can see W.A.S.P. in the Ulster Hall...taking 15-year-old to see W.A.S.P. where I saw Blackie and crew twice on their 30th Anniversay tour really makes me feel angry!


MrGreenGenes said...

Great post! It's a shame that young metalheads are denied the chance to see their favourite bands, whether they're international or local.
Being of a similar age to you (44 this year) I rememeber getting into rock/metal in '79 and being able to go and see bands like Rush, Priest, Scorpions, Black Sabbath before I was 15! (Thank you Liverpool Empire and Royal Court!)
Out here in the States, where the legal drinking age is 21, every gig I've gone to the venue has a policy of putting a wristband on those who are legal to drink and have a valid I.D.
It's nice to see you've got some places that have a sensible policy but it would be better for all venues to have this policy.
More people = more money.

Anyway, I enjoy your blog and look forward to more rants.

Keep on' rocking

Jonny said...

Cheers man for the kind comments. The wristband policy enabled my daughter to get into many a gig, but it seems to have fallen by the wayside! Keep it real, keep it rock and metal 'til I die (which will be soon enough) day hello to the US for me and tell them all there are more, better, rock and metal acts here than in any other square mile on earth...But then again I am biased \m/

Anonymous said...

Great post....but i suspect you are a bit remiss when recalling the first WASP gig we went to on the Electric Circus tour (How old are we???)....fibbing in that we were totally wankered and even tho' we were dead on our feet we were for some reason screaming "I don't need no doctor", and more importantly i remember, i think lolol, YOU Mr Parent, instigated a particularly spectacular beer fight....although the marlboro in yer gub survived and stayed lit....them were the days mate, and i too will be there with my 25 and 22 year old sons....who will be buying drink....beer fight anyone?????


Jonny said...

Of course the Marlboro stayed lit - we had style in those days...beer-drenched style! Yeah that was the Electric Circus with Rab and his "Ding f**king Ding" getting on the bus; compact ashtray (which he promptly emptied over the QUB floor as we left) and other immortal (to us anyway) happenings. Right - booze to be provided by kids in September, we supply the beer fight outside, and run round for the 11 o'clock bus or black hack....what? No 11 o'clock bus? 11 beer o'clock to Katy Daly's it be then!

Anonymous said...

Sounds about right lol.....and we wont even mention Metallica & Anthrax.....now THAT is a day to end 'em all \m/