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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Machine Head switch to Ulster Hall

The Machine Head, Hatebreed, Bleeding Through, All Shall Perish gig on March 1st has been switched to the Ulster Hall "due to technical and production reasons".

Whatever the reasons the Ulster Hall is a more intimate venue for the gig...

And thanks to everyone who texted, called, emailed, commented and phoned us in case we missed this...much as I appreciate it but a 3am text isn't going to make me rush to fire up the PC, log into the interweb and post an item.

Having said that, with very few tickets left for this heaviest of the heavy gigs, perhaps there was some urgency...but 3am? You know who you are - so next time, make it before 2am :)


Wayne Donaldson said...

Excellent news! I've heard news before about bad sound in St George's market. And was a little worried it was gonna be too big. Been wanting to see the UH since it got done up.
This is gonna be epic. Had to stop myself from singing Imperium out loud this morning on the bus on the way to work!

Jonny said...

Been there a couple of times since it opened (SLF and The Answer) and have to say it still has the old vibe of Ulster Hall gigs in the past - packed middle, people taking a breather at the sides and stupid queues for bogs and beer in between bands. Also reasonably managed smoking area!

joijoij said...

I've only ever been to gigs in the Mandela hall and Spring and Airbrake. Is it just me, or is the sound in the S&A terrible? I've seen Mastodon (twice) and Opeth in there and it was terrible. Mandela hall has been hit and miss for me.

I'm hoping the Ulster Hall is the shit :)

Jonny said...

Like the Mandella I agree that the sound can be hit and miss at the S&A. The Ulster Hall usually has a good sound - given that the hall was designed for music, albeit not metal, that is hardly surprising. The difficulty for sound men is, of course, that sound checks are done when the hall is empty and there no sweaty people milling about. Classic example was in December when The Answer played. Black Spiders opened for them at the Ulster Hall and because the hall was only a quarter full the sound was all bottom end. Once it had filled up for The Answer the balance was much better - that night the sound man got it spot on, hope the same thing happens on Monday!