Pick Your Rock and Metal

Friday, March 06, 2009

Seems that over the past week there has been a flurry of bands rumoured to be on the bill when Metallica play Marlay Park on August 1st.

Thanks to all the tips and suggestions, but all that can be confirmed (at least for the next day or so anyway!) is that the two-day Sonisphere event in England (at Knebworth) will see Linkin Park, Machine Head, Avenged Sevenfold, Lamb of God, Mastodon, Thin Lizy, Alice in Chains, and The Sword play the two-day festival.

More bands are to be added (in the war of metalfests being run between Sonisphere and Download!) but which from the announced list will be added to the Dublin date remains to be finally confirmed. And, which ones can be persuaded to play a wee gig in Belfast on August 3rd? Well, we can but hope!


Anonymous said...

you may want to update this site with the metallica support- Thin lizzy, avenged sevenfold, alice in chains, mastodon, lamb of god, the sword... www.ticketmaster.ie

going to be an amazing gig

Anonymous said...

they ain't played Belfast in 20years,I think its about time they got their arses up here for a change instead of playing Southern Ireland all the time, its a good line-up but a costly 76.50 euros plus travel expenses etc, is it really worth it??