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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Don't panic - Soulfly still on

To all those in a panic about whether Soulfly's gig tonight will be affected by the adverse weather you can stop calling/texting and plaguing me. The promoter has just confirmed that Max and his merry band will definitely still be playing tonight at the Spring & Airbrakea. So get your asses along for the fun and warm yourself up with some metal on Ormeau Avenue.


Anonymous said...

Never even crossed my mind to be honest.
I still have only listened to Conquer once. I won't know their tunes at all tonight, and I'm broke, so my budget allows for 4 tins of Guinness in the house, and 4 pints in the S&A.
Still, better than sitting in on a Thursday night. Am I right?

Anonymous said...

Fooking right you are Wayne

The Mad Metal Week Starts with a snowball fight TONIGHT!!!!