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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Been away - but we're back

Been a long time since we all rock 'n' rolled with y'all - but we're back!

Short story, long story, in mini-version - sponsors were almost secured for the site; they asked us to hold posting for a few weeks to help get details sorted, examine proposal...two weeks went by, three weeks went by...finally after an exchange of emails...

"We're sorry, but after consideration, while the reach of your site is impressive your core demographic does not match our target audience."

Well, I'll not name them, but what did they expect with a site called Belfast Metalheads Reunited!!!!

Anyhows, anyway we're back! Plenty of posts and gig information to come up...keep reading...short info burst now:
  • Airbourne's Wednesday night's gig is sold-out - but fear not the Aussie party train will be back in Belfast for a Mandella Hall appearance on 11th November - review on Thursday
  • Residual Effect are back in gear with new sticksman - feature to follow
  • Fucked Up play in August - feature on why the Canadian mentalists have a confrontational name and an anarchist background to come
  • Don't forget Dragonforce and Turisas's October gig - new 'Force album out on August 25th - at last!
Stay tuned and keep it metal \m/


Anonymous said...

I was at Rock Am Ring this year and seen Metallica and Rage Against the Machine. YEO!!!

Unrelated, but I just wanted to say!

Jonny said...

The phrase lucky so-and-so springs unbidden to my mind!!!! But feelings of envy aside, do tell what you thought...

Anonymous said...

It was incredible. Absolutely incredible. To be honest, I think Donnington is a better festival, but RaR had the better line up this year, and the german guys we met and spent the weekend with (not in that way) were just fantastic. Metallica were brilliant, even though I was smashed. It was great to see Rage Against The Machine. Other highlights were Disturbed, Queens Of The Stone Age, Sej Tankian and Pendulum.

Lowlights of the festival were missing Prodigy cus I was totally drenched and couldn't stay awake... and accidently seeing the majority of HIM.

P.S. Roll on Metallica in August!!! Oh, and Iron Maiden @ Twickenham

Anonymous said...

[quote]Residual Effect are back in gear with new sticksman - feature to follow[/quote]

sounds good ,Micky and the lads deserve all the coverage they can get ,best of luck with he new material lads ,and as always, I'll be "up the front" on the 6th of July !!!!