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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Jonathan Davis cancels June Belfast date

Korn singer Jonathan Davis has decided to shorten the European leg of his "Alone I Play Tour" due to "un-expected family commitments".

Belfast's June date has been cancelled as a result.

He has, however, pledged to come back "soon".

"I'm glad we are still going to bring the show to Europe", Jonathan said, "we had a lot of European fans asking us about the tour since last fall so we are excited for a chance to play.

"We look forward to coming back soon to do alonger run of dates overseas."

Tickets are refundable from point of purchase


metalmilita666 said...

Fuck You John Davis!!! I bought 3 fucking tickets the day they came on sale, I thought "hey hes coming to Belfast!! I wont have to shell out a small fucking fortune to see him in Dublin! Awesome!!"....no such fucking luck, well this is not the first time John Davis or Korn have dissappointed Irish fans.
"Un-Expected family commitments" translates as "couldnt be fucking arsed with Belfast" as far as im concerned....... fucking asshole!!!

Jonny said...

Yeah, what a dickhead. I saw it coming like, everyone assumes Belfast is a little shit-hole.