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Saturday, November 10, 2007

There are a few gigs coming up....

Been a bit busy of late...hence lack of posts....suffice to say there are a few gigs coming up...check the list below!

14th November – A Little Bitter – The Empire
17th November – My Chemical Romance – King’s Hall, Belfast
18th November – Machine ‘Fucking’ Head – Ambassador, Dublin
23rd November – Soundstone – The Magnet Centre, Newry
23rd November – A Little Bitter – Bound for Boston, Derry
24th Novemver – Overoth – Katy Daly’s
24th November – A Little Bitter – Common Room, Dungannon
25th November – Adler’s Appetite/Million$Reload - Spring & Airbrake
30th November – Jeff Scott Soto – The Rosetta
1st December – Escape Fails – INF, Warrenpoint
7th December – Ash – Mandella Hall
8th December - The Bon Jovi Experience- The Empire
9th December - The Bon Jovi Experience- The Empire
15th December – Apocalyptica – Ambassador, Dublin
15th December - The Damned - The Empire
16th December – Thin Lizzy – Waterfront Hall
21st December – Biffy Clyro – Mandella Hall
21st December – Escape Fails – The Magnet Centre, Warrenpoint
23rd January (08) (Kerrang! Tour) – Coheed & Cambria, Fightstar, Madina Lake +
24th January – Bullet for My Valentine – Spring & Airbrake
7th February - Queens of the Stone Age - Balmoral Hall
8th February – Nazareth – Spring & Airbrake
16th February - Deft Leppard - The Empire
26th February – Jimmy Eat World – St George’s Market, Belfast
4th March – The Cult – The Olympia, Dublin
2nd April – Nightwish/Pain – Mandella Hall

In this semi-sober state I may have missed one or three! Let me know if I have and I'll revise list accordingly!


Anonymous said...

Machine Head and Biffy clyro for me. Maybe C&C as well.

circumsized carrot said...

qotsa is the kings hall now

u missed the pumpkins

and bfmv cancelled