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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Volcanic metal assault on Hallowe'en night

Hawaii is one of a series of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean. Corrupt Absolute are an old school thrash act from Honolulu, Hawaii – providing a volcanic metal soundtrack…a soundtrack that will descend on Ireland’s shores later this month.

Corrupt Absolute (formerly 8mm Overdose) are touring with Psyatica, a tour which culminates in Belfast at the Rosetta – on Hallowe’en night!

There has, of course, been a dearth of metal acts from Hawaii…name two apart Corrupt Absolute if you can!

And, left you think that Corrupt Absolute are new young things with no track record, the band has been going since the 90s, with their first CD out in 1997 (under the 8mm Overdose monicker).

Psyatica are currently midway what is an unlikely, but well deserved world tour (yep you read that right!) that has seen them tackle Hawaii, west coast USA, Ireland, Scotland and Scandanavian countries.

For anyone who has clocked the Limerick trio recently, you’ll know they’re worth the £6 entry fee to the Rosetta on Hallowe’en night alone. Throw in the Hawaiian metal assault...then get your metal asses along!

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