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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Where to start...

Hell! It’s been a while (ok just over a week!) since I sat down to try and analyse a wild night that showcased the best of hard rock and metal that masqueraded as MM2:Summer Slaughter. Good hearts lurk beneath the metal soul, hence all the money that was raised for Clic Sargent!

But rather than whine on about it, suffice to say that ALL the bands rose to the occasion, Stevie did his usual stage management magnificence, Laura presided over it all as only a metal queen should. Hop along to Metal Ireland to see the impression it made on bands and audience alike. Alternatively visit http://www.in.tv/news211.php to see why it all took place!

Suffice to say that between the ‘No Fake ID Required’ gig and MM2 there is ample proof that the NI hard rock and metal scene is healthier than ever.

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