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Friday, July 20, 2007

Metalworks gig launch - No Fake ID required: with Sorrowfall

Metalworks is a local music community based in Belfast. It consists of a team of dedicated members, whose prime objective is to provide musical education and performance opportunity. Its not-for-profit, but Metalworks is up for rock!

As well as developing musical education (from some of the best tutors in Northern Ireland), Metalworks wants to make sure more and more young people can hear live music from some of the island’s top rock and metal bands.

'No Fake ID Required' is a planned series of All Ages gigs. They kick off on August 18th at Belfast's Black Box when Sorrowfall kick headline, with support from Circadian, Dark Light District, Escape Fails, Arcane and Darkest Era.

All this rock and metal for just £4 is a demonstration that Metalworks wants to make sure access to quality musical affordable as well as open to all ages.


Toby Osbourn said...
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Anonymous said...


I have only just found your blog today and I have added it to my feed reader.

Best of luck with it!

(Sorry this comment has nothing to do with the topic, just wanted to say hey!!)

Jonny said...

No problems that your comment is of topic...after a break for a summer vacation we'll be back with more comments, chat and gossip about all things hard rock and metal related! \m/