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Monday, June 25, 2007

9-5 with Ben

Orange Goblin are an enduring fixture of the metal scene on these isles- but for those fortunate to see The Gob playing The Limelight on Saturday it may come as a surprise that Ben Ward and his motley crew still hold down 9-5 jobs as well as delivering classic metal.

How do they do it? For on Saturday, fresh from Download, the band delivered a pure metal set! Ben is huge in stature and huge in stage presence and new tunes revealed ever more depth.

Quick word for Triggerman - improving all the time, and with Bap's in-song raps and remonstrations improving all-the-time they have discovered a new genre - Preacher Metal.

All hail to Distortion Project for another great Saturday evening (and a name check from Ben in the Irish News!)

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