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Sunday, April 22, 2007

This island rocks!

Ok, being a blog based in Northern Ireland we're a wee bit biased! But of late it has come to our attention that this island is rockin' like a bastard!

Elsewhere on here you can read about the plethora of metal talent emerging (Residual Effect, Sorrowfall, Waylander, Honey for Christ, Bad Boat, Triggerman, Psyatica...to name but a few), but there is also a hard/classic rock rump reaching out to convert the masses!

On May 11th The Answer are back to rock Belfast (Mandella Hall) and they have led the New Wave of Irish Hard Rock...and check back soon for an interview here and insight into the inner workings of the juggernaut!

While The Answer have been leading the charge, there is a host coming in their wake that deserves to shake the rock music scene on this island to it's core, while at the same time awakening the world to what this small blighted and beknighted isle can achieve!

Gaining tour dates with Thunder will, no doubt, expand Glyder's experience, reputation and confidence yet further when they enter the studio to lay down their 2nd CD.

Of those bubbling under now, here's a few names to throw out....

Blind Friday...they're still getting a feel for their ultimate direction, but on the strength of their exisiting CD and set-list the right management and promotion will get them there. Commitment will take 'there' even further.

Hunger's Mother have been quietly building up their craft, but now comes the decision as to how far they are prepared to go to sate that hunger.

And, south of the border is emerging Stillroom.

Their self-titled and self-financed debut shows off a band that is both steeped in local heritage and paying homage to global rock gods. The right management and marketing will get Stillroom and others mentioned above to the right level, in front of the right audience, at the right time (now!)

Ireland - north and south is rockin' like as bastard, time we got behind the bands and the labels come with their cheque books!

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