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Monday, January 22, 2007

Neon Knights, Lonely is the Word, Sign of the Southern Cross etc...

Heaven And Hell (a.k.a Sabs with Little Ronnie!) have confirmed they they will only be playing songs from the Dio era of Black Sabbath on their upcoming world tour - source for this Totalrock.com.

"The band - vocalist Ronnie Dio, guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler and drummer Vinny Appice - will put together their live show from the 'Heaven And Hell', 'Mob Rules' and 'Dehumanizer' albums, plus three new songs written and recorded for the upcoming compilation album 'Black Sabbath: The Dio Years'." is the quote from Total Rock. Well right now can I put in a bid for an extended version of 'Lonely is the Word' to be in the set-list.

Oh, yeah, forgot to say the bidding is underway to see if they will play in Ireland as well as Monsters of Rock. Oh, yeah forgot to say that Ozzy is planning a brief festival tour of Europe at same time - so desperate to reclaim his spot he's even planning an appearance on the bill with Iron Maiden. Just keep Sharon and Bruce apart ffs!

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