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Monday, July 03, 2006

July fun

Hey July's turning out to be a fun metal month after all! Battle of the Bands at Lavery's on 21st and Honey for Christ at the Rosetta on the same night...decisions, decisions.

In the meantime don't forget that I'm trying to get the pix that Colin snapped at Rottfest online...here's another three; only another 453 to go.... Gotta love Dez's million mile stare tho!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your still in the land of the living J, thought you had fallen off the edge of planet !! lol. Got some killer pix of Armored Saint & Sorrowfall from Spring and Airbrake last week as well. Do you want to see the disc ??

Jonny said...

Course I do! And turns out the edge of the planet is much over-rated; a mere short hop and feet had landed! Chris Columbus may have been right after all!