Pick Your Rock and Metal

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rottfest tickets now on sale!

Tickets for Rottfest are now onsale - check out the Myspace site. They are all available from Ticketmaster - priced £20!!!

FFS Devildriver, Nevermore and 10 Years - four local acts - that works out at less than £3 a band!!!

Rottfest 666! Can't wait \m/


Pastor of Muppets said...

I loved Nevermore's last album, think I'll be heading to this! Great line up and a great price - doesn't that go against the Ticketmaster grain?

Jonny said...

Yeah - and they're scary looking fuckers - will terrify natives! Just learned that 10 years have pulled out but another act could be added to the line up soon. Anyways still gr8 vfm for a day of metal \m/

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