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Monday, May 30, 2005

Old wrinkly coming back to Belfast

He's probably the smallest, most wrinkled man in metal - and now he's making a return visit to little old Norn Iron! Yep DIO is coming to the Spring and Airbrake in Belfast on October 26th. Now the age of this contributor may be gauged by the fact that he was at the concert at the Antrim Forum (I think it was '84 but at my age the memory is well fucked!).

Then the little man performed a stonker, with able understudies Queensryche turning in what looked to be an average set until they hit Queen of the Reich.

Dio that night was a hit an miss affair, with Holy Diver tracks and Sabbath songs the tracks that set the crowd alight (or maybe that was the dropped lighter...). Vivian Campbell was given an appropriate homecoming and the night was made even more fun by the fact that some reprobates had been drinking in a small bar in Antrim from opening time - all hail Mark, Fitz and, of course Rab for feats of endurance that went well above the call of metal duty - feats that I attest to being unable to repeat at my advanced age...But it was a helluva day! My liver is now recoevring 19 years later.

Now to all us old metalheads - let's see if we can sell out the Spring and Airbrake for the old wrinkled one and get them to switch to Ulster Hall where metal belongs in Belfast!

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