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Friday, September 15, 2006

Saturday night

Saturday, 16th September...busy night for rock and metal fans. At The Empire are Europe's only Def Leppard tribute band, Deft Leppard. At the Rosetta, Bob Catley, at the Pavilion Residual Effect....lot to chose from.!

I'll be at Deft Leppard (well I saw the first date on the Pyromania tour! So a little nostalgia is llowed!). If you plan to be there, mine's a pint of Carlsberg!

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Samby said...

well J what can i say.....Deft are an excellent band, wouldnt you agree????? they defo beat anyone else that was playin belfast on saturday night........ I hope to see a review on here with afew pix...i'll be doin same on my blog...